Brooks – The World’s Best Running Shoes

By - Sanjay Shinde (Marathon Coach)

At age 9, I found my love for running. However, unlike my peers, I ran barefoot as I couldn’t afford a pair of running shoes.

Circa 1991, I got selected in the Army. This selection was purely on merit and in the Sports quota. Here I joined the Bombay Sappers and this is where I got my first pair of running shoes. Thus began my journey in the world of professional sports.

With proper sports shoes & training, I began to shine on the national scene and participated as a Distance runner in various levels including District, State and National competitions.

In my 20-year career, I have used many Running shoes both local & international brands, but the Brooks Running shoes are the best I have ever run in. The comfortable fit, good grip and cushioning, really helps in pushing harder run after run.

All my students have given excellent feedback about the shoes and the word is spreading.

After our coaches and runners have started wearing Brooks, their response has been fantastic. Feedback received has been unbelievable as all my athletes running in Brooks feel comfortable during long runs and have stayed injury free.

Brooks has given me recognition by collaborating with me and Club Marathon, for which I am very grateful and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Being the promoter and also the coach at Club Marathon, I advise my runners to try out the various types of shoes, Brooks has to offer based on their Run Signature , Another great technology by Brooks, made for runner to best understand their running style and flaws, in order to avoid injury.

All Club Marathon members are likely to be wearing Brooks in the near future.
A special shout out to Prashant Sir & Sandesh for giving me a chance to collaborate with Brooks.




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