Beginners Running - Base Building

Article by Shreyas Karnad,
Founder and Coach at Runners 360

When you attempt your first run be it a 5 KM or a 10 KM, you will enjoy the thrill of completing the distance. With a few more runs you see gradual improvement from that finish and then saturation begins to kick in, so does frustration, unless you are a Monk that has attained nirvana for whom timing doesn’t matter.

Let us get this straight - you are not a monk but an ambitious Human whose ambitions have led to the fall and rise of civilizations.

Then your frustration leads to trying out many things too soon; new training methods without supervision that leads to injuries, which makes the myth a reality - "Running Is Not For Everyone".

YES! You got it right!!!

Running is not for EVERYONE who does not get the basics right. Here is where you need to take a step back and focus on Base Building wherein you start all over again with a lot with a more scientific approach.

The base building period includes:

- Drawing a holistic training program with a Running Coach

- An athlete’s assessment with Sports Physio

- Easy & Comfortable Miles anywhere between 60% to 75% effort. A Heart Rate Monitor with a GPS watch will come handy here.

- Addressing bio-mechanical flaws and fixing them through customized strength & conditioning programs.

- Gradual Progression every week on your mileage with a recovery week once in every 4 weeks of training.

- Get on top of your nutrition and get the numbers right especially; Vitamins D3, B12, Iron, Calcium and sort any other deficiencies if any based on your medical test.

Incorporating all these factors will lead to a focus shift from “Run to Get Fit” to “Get Fit to Run” that sets you up for a life-long journey.

What you must understand is, that running is an art. The art of movement, and without the right supervision, injury is inevitable.
So here’s a pro tip for all beginners who are embarking on this running journey

Find yourself the right coach, who will guide you throughout your running journey, will set the right goals, correct your form and keep you from getting injured.
Get yourself an assessment to find out your running style and flaws. The Brooks Run Signature accurately measures your running style and guides you to the right shoe. You can get this done for free at any D:FY sports store near you.
With the right training routine customized specifically for you by a professional and the right gear, you are all set to hit the road and Run Happy.


About the Author:
Shreyas Karnad, Founder and Head Running Coach at Runners 360 has been running for ten years and has participated in over 100 running events all over India and outside India.

He was once 120 kilos and through running he has lost 60 kilos.
He has coached, mentored and enabled over 350 Runners find their potential and achieve their Running & Fitness Goals.




  • Very well articulated Shreyas, your journey itself is an inspiration.

  • Good article coach, very apt. I myself am a testimony to the weight loss. All of my short running career so far has been with R360 and Shreyas. I realised the need for professional guidance very early in my running career, thankfully. I recommend every runner to get pro advice. Running is not an easy or casual sport. I have gone thru ups and downs with niggles, but timely and appropriate advice from Shreyas has helped me bounce back every time. Cheers

    Surendra Pai
  • Very inspiring. He is a personal favourite of one and all who has trained under him. Wish Coach every success in life .

    Kalpana Das

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